Shop Nike Air Max Air Force 1 And Nike Roshe Run sports shoe

Nike Air Max is a highly sought after classic series, its visibility cushion design (Visible Air) created the Nike brand 25 years of legendary status. 1987 Nike released this sneakers, it contains a special gas, high-pressure manner poured into a tough synthetic rubber, so the shock and comfort is very high. NIKE released in 1987 Air Max sneakers, marked the beginning of visible type of technology. How to recognize this shoe? Very simple, behind the heel has a “small window”, you can clearly see its cushion. The other feature is the color of a diverse variety of hit colors and mix and match different materials to make the shoe shapes Variety. Bottomed + color and diverse, perhaps for this reason, it has become the most common street shooting style.
Air Force 1 was born in 1982, and basketball culture are closely linked, was elected six basketball players to endorse this section of shoes, is commonly known as the “original six.” Like basketball, hip-hop and street culture, friends, should not I do not know AF1, and even a lot of people will use it as a work of art collections, especially the market is difficult to buy a limited edition, some even fired into the tens of thousands of blocks one pair Air Force 1 mostly monochrome-based, high-tie design, a little Old School retro, and shot in the street of the most common is the white section.
Since 1985, since the advent of the sports campus-style insistence driven by NIKE DUNK series innovative breakthroughs. Dunk Sky Hi actress Nike Dunk Sky preserving classic design, but also joined the inner increased girls naturally like friends. Also worth mentioning is that it is all covered within the higher one, so from the side does not unexpected. DUNK SKY HI sneaker high-top shoe collar designed to provide additional support for the ankle with a protective effect, preventing the feet due to twisting injuries, while maintaining the fashionable resistance, while maintaining comfort. Both comfortable and beautiful, as well as within stealth increased, naturally favored by the people.
This should be regarded as late-coming rookie Nike family, he was born in 2012, but the street was shot in the last two years we blitz. Especially black-faced white that paragraph, supermodel Bloggers almost everyone has a pair, because it is good to wear too wild it! Roshe Run identification is very high, because it’s not the same as the vamp with other shoes, using cloth fabrics, and therefore more fit foot more comfortable. Nike Roshe Run sports shoe inspired to learn to meditate and “Zen” philosophy, simple rustic. The shoes do not add any decorative black and white models, with simple design, injection life through the details of the shoes. Almost every part of the shoe body transmission out of Zen mean: carefully crafted waffle outsole let you seems like a step on the gravel trail, inside the bottom die tilt patio stone steps carved like in general, plus the length of the bottom side The subtle changes, the whole design both rigorous and interesting.

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