Nike Cortez Trainers Is One Of History’s Most Classic Jogging Trainers

Nike Cortez Trainers is one of history’s most classic jogging trainers, also known as “Forrest Gump trainers”, because Forrest Gump Forrest Gump wore these trainers, traveled to the United States, since then, Cortez popular Global. This is reflected in the design talent of Bill Bowman’s first running trainers.
The introduction of the concept of running trainers quickly became the industry standard. Its name change four times in two years. This is about the legality of running trainers name Last Stand.
Like Forrest Gump Nike trainers man metropolis has its history is understood that the purchase of a product but also the product itself needs to know little about, not only from Nike trainers Forrest Gump quote, but also from the development of Nike trainers is look at Forrest Gump The value of the brand.
Is running sneakers faithful fans and well-known classic running trainers, it “TG-24″ The ordinary name launched its extraordinary career. In June 1965, Bowman gave Onitsuka company sent a Cortez sneakers “in the specification and sample.” The sneakers are TG-22 (Roadrunner) and TG-21 models of the same type of assembly. This running shoe components include: TG-22 the upper forefoot and heel soft rubber sponge, TG-21 followed by the middle of hard rubber sponge and hard rubber soles.

September, Bowman called for improvement of the prototype trainers increase comprises:

* Sole use of TG-21 and TG-23 used the same rubber

* The shoe widen, reaching a width of TG-23

* An increase in the ball of the foot part of the same with the TG-22 padded cushioning

October 14, in a letter to Onitsuka Bowman wrote, “You are to me made in July sneakers in every aspect exceeded my expectations. The sneakers better than I ask.” Bowman is helping Tiger was tested sections of sports trainers and provide feedback. About his own design training trainers, running record Bowman expressed under the command of a top long-distance runners reached 1,500 miles.
In 1972, the first soft and flexible Nike Forrest Gump trainers sneakers come out. Cover the people’s expectations of running trainers. This is a use of this foam midsole Cortez, elastic shoe body and strong grip rubber outsole, thorough Britain

1966 sales contracts and letters May 21 show, Bill Bowman designed 300 pairs of TG-24 “Mexican products” sold to Blue Ribbon Sports company (nike company’s predecessor), and in 1966 August 7 the date of shipment. Bit famous track coach pursuit of achievement, but also reflects a young business acumen and advanced technology at Stanford University graduates. With its light weight, cushioning and elasticity breakthrough design, Nike trainers Forrest Gump Nike Sportswear series is designed to become a source of inspiration. As the first Nike trainers Forrest Gump, Forrest Gump this pair of Nike trainers, it’s expensive.

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