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Nike air max trainers gases listed massive, spared no expense in millions of dollars Lipin NBA superstar Michael Jordan as the product spokesperson, engaged in the marketing campaign, a record price tag ever sporting goods sponsor of the first cases of a new high, universally amazed Advertising appeal places nike air max 1 trainers and the image of the gas and almost Shenhuqiji basketball unique skills bundled together. Thereafter, NIKE in the market gradually recovered lost territory.
Sports trainers, by definition refers to the fitness or athletic sport trainers worn. It can meet the various needs of the people transported guarantor foot to play its essential function in motion. Competitive sports are divided into sports and fitness sports and leisure sports, entertainment and sports. No matter what kind of movement is required to wear a protective effect feet, improve athletic performance trainers.
Broadly understood as: kinds of trainers fitness, sports, recreational sports training process and professional sports and race sports are used sports trainers. Which includes trainers, leather sports trainers, trainers, trainers and slippers.
Narrowly understood as: sports trainers designed specifically for professional athletes refers to the design and production of footwear for professional athletes who participate in competitive sports training and formal competition use. This requires not only a comfortable shoe has a general sports trainers, protection, appearance and other characteristics, more attention to how to avoid sports injuries, and enhance motor function, improve athletic performance.
Either broadly or narrowly sneakers, must comply with the requirements of the characteristics of movement. Whether it is fitness or athletic sports, sports trainers are required to meet the movement mechanics, biology, ergonomics, kinematics, exercise physiology, hygiene requirements, but also to consider to help athletes improve athletic performance or to create a better sports results. Therefore, in the design and manufacture of sports trainers process should fully consider the characteristics of movement, which is different from the trainers and other sports trainers, other footwear logo.
Sports trainers and leather trainers, rubber trainers the biggest difference is the most fundamental difference is that the function. General trainers, rubber trainers in terms of functionality main emphasis is non-slip, comfort, insulation, ventilation and beautiful. And sneakers not only to meet the above requirements, but also according to the special nature of sport, namely requirements with flexible, energy return, shock absorption, control flip, sports protection foot, fit in physical health requirements, improve athletic performance and the like.
The history of sports trainers is a science and technology development as a support to the demand for sports trainers function-oriented process of industrial development.

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