I Get The Best Nike Air Max 90 Black Yesterday

Just start looking is Nike Air Max 90 Black, it was one of this color attracts, white + sport red, more in line with the feeling of summer, and with the ordinary version of 90 different, this design has boots, although it will affect the permeability But look at online reviews say this design is very comfortable, overall foot feeling beating and hanging Normal Edition 90, and the big hook is 3M reflective material, bling bling night. Take a stroll near the mall school did not find the same paragraph, the richest man in the home water is too deep, I still feel like my heart at ease.
Nike Air Max 95 also went to see then store, this 580 won my heart, after all, the sole thickness is very impressive, but try feeling after foot feeling very good, very light, very soft bottom, rolling 90. But my big NB workmanship is really quite rough compared to Nike, the excess glue are quite serious. This reminds me without buy 1300 US production last year, did not wear a few days on the open plastic toe. (NB pink light spray, may I RP low value, but at heart the shaded area caused me almost converges to positive infinity
After strolled Nike finally returned home, carefully looked around, found the protagonist of today –AIR MAX LUNAR 1.
Originally on Nike Air Max 1 series is not very cold, because the time has bought a pair of freshman, although the quality is very good, served four years before retirement, but later imagined a series of better than 90 Western style engaging. But the clerk next stop talking about black and white Oreo very popular color this year it added a lunar end is very comfortable friends, like you can try it … Anyway a lot, I was right heart, then brought in a pair tried. Put stepped kicks, found a lunar effect plus 1 sole really comfortable than before to buy, and very soft and toughness, but also a lot lighter than the regular 1 Series, foot feeling catching entry-level running shoes ah. In addition to the upper part of the heel, and the rest are almost always mesh overlay, my mother no longer have to worry about summer shoes cover their feet friends. Went and looked in the mirror, black and white color is also very good to see, with khaki pants results were pretty good, but when the mall to do the activities, Nike 85% off the audience, the feeling to have 85% off new summer has been very good, you know like Cheap Nike Air Max Thea and a series of such classic rarely discounted throughout the year, I thought this is it! Then billing, credit card, carry shoes leave.

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