Fashion Nike Air Max Thea New Style For Young

Under the existing situation, Nike has made appropriate according to their product strategy, based on the characteristics of their own core competitiveness of enterprises as the foundation, and based on its own industry for the future development trend of the proposed product strategy:
Overall, Nike air max 95 still be with their young, like the challenge, fashionable image of the market to make accurate judgments. Its flagship product should increase research and development efforts. In addition to the theme of urban women a range of products also need to continue to adhere to. This reflects a unique humanistic care Nike.
Innovative strategies will undoubtedly be a very important product development strategy, product innovation, the same technology for the characteristics of different consumer groups can develop more products to diversify product development. In the case of core technology convergence, make changes to certain parts to make products more abundant. Nike roshe run series launched a professional version and limited edition, for style, soles of technology products have made improvements, improve customer loyalty, innovation is also a business can be survival and development must get the idea.
Nike’s unique mode of production, determine his cost, but it also has a very high quality, which is a great advantage Nike, Nike now do is to adhere to this mode of production, attack more markets.
Globalization strategy, the launch of the world’s mainstream products, while regional differences in product demand should also become the focus of Nike. Nike air max thea can be introduced with the cultural characteristics of different products according to different national cultures, to attract consumers and allow them to produce intimacy. It should also be better survey of the local market, adapt to the local people’s consumption demand.

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