Cheap UK Nike Air Max Design Using Color Matching Unfair Reflect The Design Style

On the new demand, Mens Nike Air Max 1 Trainers broke tradition in shape, make an impact, a good pair of shoes is attractive, whether the most critical factor is its innovative design, this demand is reflected in the psychological fashion, novelty enjoy the beauty. Giving a strong visual impact, users can arouse desire to buy and use the product. In the spirit of the cultural needs of Nike to provide people with functional requirements, but also to the people convey a spiritual life attitude, “There are all-powerful (referring tennis game) forehand to protect me.” Creative use of the brand and a tattoo totem linked to the concept of a completely surprising. Here’s totem is clearly a sports star worshipers masterpiece. Nike and Creative Graphics tattoo totem in the spiritual level brings together. Original hand-drawn graphics and modern Nike logo in stark contrast to the visual, so that the audience’s imagination in mind, thinking and corresponding relationship between the two. Who inclusive whom? Human athletic ideals and the pursuit of eternal life and life are engraved in the flesh this body associated with the brand among.
Nike Air Max 90 Black White Blue is the world’s first sports brand launched a shoe category.
On the demand of social status, along with the demand for material life, more and more people to show their identity by product, status, occupation and cultural tastes. As Nike’s design, in order to reflect the user’s style and taste.
User-friendly design is people-centered and scale to meet the physical and psychological needs, material and spiritual needs of people. Create a comfortable, elegant living space, so that people enjoy the use of space fun and pleasure. Humanity can be fully released and satisfaction. More human mental health, emotional richer, more perfect human nature, to figure harmony. We should fully analyze and use these factors to drive our user-friendly design. Line characteristic line of Nike sneakers are aspects: Lines complex forms. There are single, double, false line, open wire, dashed, contour, ridgeline, seams, decorative lines, which can use a pair of shoes, not rigidly adhere to a. Multi an arc-based, less linear scale. 2, the color characteristics of the color of Nike Air Max 2015 For Sale they use the material itself is made of light reflected by the decision.

Cheap UK Nike Air Max design using color matching unfair reflect the design style, design trends, but also to the movement of the visual impact, entertaining greatly improved, and reflects the movement itself lively, dynamic and bright features. Color and leather sneakers, shoes, compared with the use of color pieces, a wide range of color with complex, given the abundance of visual perception characteristics, mainly in the following areas: (1) the use of color in the movement of the moving upper surface material of the upper color surface material than shoes with ease, rich and diversified. Decorative colors including not only the common color, but also make extensive use of metallic colors, laser laser, flash and so on. (2) colors on the use of shoes, sports shoes, rubber outsole monochrome or color multi-color, sneakers outsole, compared with 3-5 colors. The choice of color range, high color brightness, purity. Color with not too many restrictions. Design and color must be attached by means of modeling in order to exist, it must have a specific meaning only reflected by the shape. But the color of physiognomy upon specific binding, it has a strong emotional and performance characteristics, with a strong spiritual impact. For different consumer groups and the use of different occasions, the choice is very important.

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