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A successful sports brand, its products must have its block special place. Products, most of Nike Air Max 95 Black Red has developed two types of common points: first, NIKE’s products with excellent technology, for the athletes to provide a better environment, creating better results; second, NIKE products most parts are “fashion”, to attract consumers

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Nike released a pair of special color of air max 180 em shoes, in addition to a more breathable mesh fabrics update function constitutes the main body of the shoe, characterized in that the upper part of the deep blue, purple, orange three kinds of fantasy colors, inspired by Rio de Janeiro’s beach style, will

Nike Cortez Trainers Is One Of History’s Most Classic Jogging Trainers

Nike Cortez Trainers is one of history’s most classic jogging trainers, also known as “Forrest Gump trainers”, because Forrest Gump Forrest Gump wore these trainers, traveled to the United States, since then, Cortez popular Global. This is reflected in the design talent of Bill Bowman’s first running trainers. The introduction of the concept of running

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On the new demand, Mens Nike Air Max 1 Trainers broke tradition in shape, make an impact, a good pair of shoes is attractive, whether the most critical factor is its innovative design, this demand is reflected in the psychological fashion, novelty enjoy the beauty. Giving a strong visual impact, users can arouse desire to

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All of cheap nike air max UK product portfolio strategy, namely “product diversification.” The so-called portfolio strategy is only from the original production of “sneakers” This single-variety series, instead of production at the same time a number of varieties of children’s shoes, casual shoes, work shoes and sports shoes, and other products, in order to adapt